What is Hero Image in Emails

hero image in emails

What is Hero Image in Emails? So, the answer is, The hero image in an email is the primary image that appears at the top of the email. It is usually a large image that takes up a significant amount of space and is intended to catch the reader’s attention. The hero image can be used to promote a product, service, or event and can be accompanied by text, a call-to-action, or both.

What is Hero Image?

A hero image is a large, often full-width image placed at the top of an email. Hero images grab attention and set the tone for the rest of the email content.

Hero images can be used to:

  •  Showcase a product or service
  •  Set the scene for a story
  •  Create an emotional connection
  •  Highlight a special offer or discount

When selecting a hero image, choosing an idea that’s relevant to the email content and will appeal to your target audience is essential. The image should also be high quality and visually appealing.

How to Use Hero Images in Emails

An email hero image is a large, high-resolution image that takes up significant space in an email. The purpose of a hero image is to immediately grab the email recipient’s attention and persuade them to keep reading.

When used correctly, hero images can be very effective in emails. However, a few things to remember when using hero images in your emails.

First, make sure that the hero image is relevant to the rest of the email content. The last thing you want is for your recipient to need clarification about what they’re looking at.

Second, ensure the hero image is manageable; your email will take forever to load. A good rule of thumb is to keep the file size under 1MB.

Last, remember that not everyone can see your hero image. Some email clients block images by default, and some have their devices set not to download images automatically. So, ensure that your email still makes sense without the hero image and that all essential information is included in the text of the email.

The Importance and Benefits of Hero Images in Emails

The hero image is one of the essential elements of an email. It can be the difference between someone taking action on your email or ignoring it altogether.

Hero images are compelling because they immediately capture attention and help break up the text in an email. They can also be used to communicate a message quickly and visually.

Email marketing research has shown that using a hero image can increase click-through rates by over 23%. So, if you’re not using a hero image in your emails, you could miss out on many potential leads and customers.

There are many different ways to use hero images in emails. For example, you can use them to promote a special offer, highlight a new product, or make your email more visually appealing.

Here are some tips for creating compelling hero images in emails:

1. Make sure the image is relevant to the email content.

2. Use high-quality images that are at least 600px wide.

3. Add alt text to your images so screen readers can read them.

4. Use images that have contrasting colors, so they stand out against the background of the email template.

5. Be careful not to use too many images in an email, as this can make it appear cluttered and overwhelm readers


A hero image is a large, often banner-like, image at the top of an email that serves as the primary visual. Hero images grab attention and give recipients a quick preview of the email. When appropriately used, hero images can be an effective way to improve open rates and engagement.

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