what does “RE:” mean in email

What Does re Mean in EmailHave you ever sent an email and seen the “re:” in front of the subject line? What does that mean? The “re:” stands for “regarding” or “recipient.” It’s a way to indicate that the email is in response to another email. When you see “re:” in an email, it means that the sender is replying to a previous message.

What is re?

Re is short for regarding. It is commonly used in email subject headers to indicate what the email is about. For example, if you were to email your boss asking for a raise, the subject header might say “re: request for salary increase.”

What does he stand for?

When you see the letter “re” in an email subject line, it usually means that the email is a reply to a previous message. This is because the “re” stands for “reply.”

How do you use re

When you hit “reply” to a mail, the “re” in the subject line stands for “regarding.” The recipient knows your email is in response to the one they sent.

Examples of re

When you receive a mail, and the subject line says “re: your order,” the message is in response to that mail you previously sent. The “re” stands for “regarding.”If you see “fwd:” at the beginning of an email subject, the message was forwarded to you from someone else.


In conclusion, “re” in email stands for “regarding” or “about.” It is used to organize emails and keep track of conversations. When replying to an email, always include “re” in the subject line so that the recipient knows what the email is about and why it was sent to us. Thanks for reading!


Re stands for “regarding” or “regards.” It is typically used as a prefix to a subject line in a letter or email to indicate that the correspondence is in response to a previous communication.

In email or letter writing, Re indicates a subject line that has already been discussed. For example, if you reply to a message about a business trip, you might use the subject line “Re: Business Trip Details.” Re should also be used in the email or letter to indicate that the previous comment is being referred to.

The term “Re:” is short for the Latin phrase “re: scriptionem,” which means “regarding.” It indicates that the email is a reply to a previous message. It also shows the email response to a specific topic or issue.

Re stands for “regarding”. It is commonly used to indicate that a message is in response to a previous message.

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