What Does cc Mean in Email

What does cc mean in mail

Email is one of the essential communication tools in today’s world. And because email is such an integral part of our lives. So, understanding what specific terms and abbreviations are used in email is essential. For example, one abbreviation that you may have seen recently is CC. So, What does cc mean in email?

CC stands for “carbon copy,” and it’s used when a sender wants to send a message to multiple recipients without having to type out each recipient’s email address individually. For example, suppose you want to be sure that your email messages are being received and processed accurately. Be sure to know all the abbreviations and how to use them properly!

What does CC mean in Email?

CC stands for “carbon copy.” When you send an email, you typically include the CC field with the names of the people you want to receive the message. This way, if someone deletes or views the message before it’s sent, they won’t be able to see it.

How do I Add CC in Emails?

To add a cc (carbon copy), type the name of the person you are sending the email to follow by “cc”. Then type the name of the person you want to receive the copy in parentheses. For example, if you email a friend, you would type “John Doe (Jane Doe).”


The “cc” symbol in email stands for carbon copy, a way to send a duplicate copy of an email to more than one person. When you include the “cc” symbol in your email’s subject line, the recipient will be notified that a copy of the message will also be sent to their inbox. So, from now on, you will know everything about what CC means.

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CC (carbon copy) in email is used for sending a copy of an email to one or more recipients and the primary recipient. CCing allows recipients to be kept informed of conversations and decisions that may involve them.

CC stands for Carbon Copy. It is used when an email needs to be sent to multiple recipients. The CC field lists all the email recipients, and everyone in this field will receive a copy of the email.

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