How to View Anyone’s Private Email and Birthday on Instagram

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Have you ever wished you could view someone’s private email or birthday on Instagram? Well, there’s a way! In this blog post, we’ll show you How to View Anyone’s Private Email and Birthday on Instagram? It’s easy to do and only requires a few simple steps. So if you’ve ever wanted to view someone’s private information on Instagram, read on!

How to View Private Email on Instagram

Assuming you have the person’s email address, you can view their private Instagram account by following these steps:

1. Go to the Instagram website and log in.

2. Click on the person’s username in the top bar. A drop-down menu will appear.

3. Select “Edit Profile” from the drop-down menu.

4. Scroll down to the “Private Information” section and click on the “Change Email” button.

5. Enter the person’s email address in the “Email Address” field and click on the “Save Changes” button.

6. Go back to the top bar and click on the “Settings” icon (it looks like a gear). A drop-down menu will appear again.

7. Select “Privacy and Security” from the drop-down menu.

8. Scroll down to the “Account Privacy” section and make sure that the “Private Account” toggle is turned on (it should be blue). If it’s not, turn it on by clicking on it.

How to View a Private Birthday on Instagram

If you want to view someone’s private birthday on Instagram, there are a few steps you can take. First, try searching for the person’s username on Google. This will often bring up public information that the person has shared elsewhere on the internet, including their birth date.

Another method is to look through the person’s posts and comments for any mention of their birthday. If they’ve ever wished someone else a happy birthday in a bar or observation, chances are their birthday is also public information.

You can also look through the person’s followers and following lists for anyone who might have posted about the person’s birthday. Sometimes people post happy birthday messages to friends and family members even if those individuals have their birthdays set to private.

Finally, if you still need help finding the person’s birthday, you can contact them directly and ask. Most people are happy to share this information with friends and family, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Other Ways to Find Out an Instagram User’s Private Information

There are other ways to find an Instagram user’s private information. One way is to look up the user’s contact information in the Instagram app. Another way is to use a reverse phone number lookup service. Finally, you can also try searching for the user on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

How to Protect Your Private Information on Instagram

It’s no secret that our personal information is increasingly at risk of being exposed online. While social media platforms like Instagram offer a great way to connect with friends and family, they also allow hackers and scammers to access our private information.

That’s why it’s essential to protect your private information on Instagram. Here are some tips:

1. Use a strong password for your Instagram account, and don’t reuse passwords from other accounts. A strong password should be at least eight characters long and include a mix of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols.

2. Don’t share your password with anyone else. Not even close friends or family members.

3. Be cautious about the links you click on in Instagram direct messages, even if they appear to come from a trusted source. Scammers can create fake websites similar to legitimate ones to trick people into entering their login credentials or personal information.

4. Keep your software updated by regularly installing updates for Instagram and your operating system. These updates often include security fixes that can help protect you from the latest threats.

5. Always log out of Instagram when you’re finished using it, especially if using a public computer or device. This will help prevent someone else from accessing your account without your permission.


This method lets you view anyone’s private email and birthday on Instagram. Although it requires a little effort, it’s worth it if you want to snoop on someone’s account. So give it a try, and let us know how it goes!

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