Common Email Issues And Solutions

Are you dealing with frequent and frustrating email problems? Do you need help fixing them? From bounced messages to spam filtering issues, there are plenty of common email issues you could be facing. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the most common email issues and provide solutions to help you improve your email experience. Learn how to troubleshoot, resolve, and prevent common email issues to avoid the headache of dealing with them in the future.

This experience worsens daily; let’s discuss these common email issues and their solutions. But first, get Gmail working correctly so you can get back to those emails! 

Here are some common Email Issues that we face in our daily lives. If you face such issues with Gmail, try these solutions for these common email issues to get Gmail working properly again for you.

NOTE:- To perform these steps, use Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc., updated browsers or in their latest version.

Reasons for Common Email Issues

common email issues and solutions

Common email issues can occur from both google and the user. If it’s from Google’s end, the site could be down or experiencing some glitch. On the other hand, it can be possible that the site is under maintenance.

If it is from the user end, the reason could be the unstable connection of the Internet, the wrong password, or maybe a configuration error. These issues are common email issues.

How to Solve Common Email Issues?

common email issues and solutions

There is usually a simple solution when the common email issues are with us. And when the common email issues or problems are with google, there are only solutions for this common email issue once it’s addressed. So here are some simple steps to know which kind of common email issues and some answers.

TIP:- If you have forgotten your password, always use the forgotten password option or Gmail account recovery feature.

1. Always use or open your Gmail in a supported browser. Gmail works best in the latest version or updated browser you use.

NOTE:-  Always use a web browser with cookies and JavaScript enabled. If these two features are there, you can use all the features of Gmail.

2. Turn off browser extensions and add-ons for a brief period; sometimes, extensions and add-ons can interrupt Gmail. So the best alternative is to use the web browser’s private browsing or incognito mode without running extensions. If Gmail is working fine without running extensions, enable single extensions one at a time to know the reason.

3. Clear the cache and cookies of the browser always. Clearing these unwanted items would take care of loading and formatting issues.

4. Visit the Google workspace status Dashboard. View the status Dashboard to find any known issues Gmail is currently experiencing.

If You Are Not Receiving Emails

not receiving emails

If you are not receiving emails as expected and are not accepting new emails, and emails in your Inbox disappeared, check out these settings ASAP.

  1. Check the All MAIL, SPAM, and TRASH folder for missing emails.
  2. Open Settings > See All Settings > Filter And Blocked Addresses tab to check if you Blocked any email address by mistake. Look for filters with Delete It or Skip Inbox listed as the action. Delete or edit any of the mail you would rather see. Click save changes.
  3. Go to the forwarded addresses, and find out if a forwarding email address is listed in the Forwarding & POP/IMAP > Forwarding section. If so, turn off the settings or select Mark Gmail’s Copy as Read OR Keep Gmail’s Copy in The Inbox. Click on the save changes to apply those changes you made.

When Your Account is Hacked? 

hacked email account

When you see any Suspicious and Unfamiliar activities in your Gmail account and find it difficult to log in, it is possible that your Gmail account has been hacked. Secure your Gmail ASAP.

Essential points to look for include:-

  • Your contacts will notify you if they receive any spam from your mail.
  • Changes to settings such as automatic replies, forwarding, and mail delegation.
  • Emails that were deleted mysteriously.
  • Filters that you didn’t set up and blocked email addresses that you didn’t stop.

How To Secure Hacked Gmail Account

secure hacked email account

  1. Open The Google Account Security page and Log in if prompted.
  2. Click on recent security activity and check for unfamiliar or suspicious activity.
  3. If you see any activity you didn’t perform, click No, It Wasn’t Me. Then follow the further steps as mentioned.
  4. Check your logged-in devices. If you see any devices that are not yours and log into your Gmail account, click on Don’t Recognize a Device. Now follow the further steps to Secure your Gmail account.

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Common mistakes include:

  • Not proofreading emails before sending.
  • I need to attach documents or links.
  • We need to address the recipient adequately.
  • You need a clear subject line.

To avoid these mistakes, proofread emails before sending, attach any necessary documents or links, address the recipient adequately, and craft a clear, concise subject line.

The best way to resolve an email issue is to contact your email provider for support. They will be able to provide specific help for your particular case.

Email can stop working for various reasons, including incorrect settings, an unreliable internet connection, a server outage, an entire disk, or a virus or malware infection.

Common email mistakes include:

  • You need to have a signature.
  • You need to proofread the message.
  • Sending an email to the wrong recipient.
  • Failing to form attachments.

To avoid these mistakes, double-check the message for accuracy, always include a signature, double-check the recipient’s address, and attach any necessary documents.

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